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The molecular formula of Dichloromethane: CH2Cl2 . A colorless, transparent liquid with a pungent odor similar to ether. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in alcohol and ether. It is a non-flammable low-boiling solvent and is commonly used to replace flammable petroleum ether, ether, etc. 

Product name:dichloromethane

Aliases: DCM                   

Chemical formula: CH2Cl2

Molecular weight: 84.93CAS


Dichloromethane has the advantages of strong solubility and low toxicity. It is widely used in the manufacture of safe film film, polycarbonate, and the rest is used as coating solvent, metal degreaser, gas smoke sprayer, polyurethane foaming agent, mold release agent and paint remover. .

Dichloromethane is a colorless liquid used as a reaction medium in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of ampicillin, ampicillin and cephalosporin. It is also used as a solvent in film production, a petroleum dewaxing solvent, an aerosol Propellant, and an organic synthetic extraction. Foaming agent and metal cleaning agent for foam plastics such as agent and polyurethane.

Dichloromethane is mainly used in film production and medicine in China. Among them, the consumption of film production accounts for 50% of the total consumption, the pharmaceutical industry accounts for 20% of the total consumption, the detergent and chemical industry consumes 20% of the total consumption, and the other aspects account for 10%. Dichloromethane is also used as a brine in industrial refrigeration systems, but it is very hazardous and can produce highly toxic phosgene when in contact with open flames or hot objects. In the case of humid air, it can be hydrolyzed to form a trace amount of hydrogen chloride, and the light can also promote hydrolysis and enhance the corrosiveness of the metal.

Refrigeration for grain fumigation and low pressure freezer and air conditioning Units. Used as an auxiliary blowing agent in the production of polyether urethane foams, and as a foaming agent for extruded polysulfone type foams.

Dichloromethane is also used to make decaffeinated coffee. The coffee is first cooked, the caffeine is dissolved and floated on the surface, and then Dichloromethane is used to remove the caffeine.

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